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thebroken Episode 4

They’re back: Kevin and double_d hack the XBox360 (this is hardcore) and jam cell phones.


Project Orion

A very interesting look into a chapter of nuclear propulsion that held such promise for space travel.

From Wikipedia: “Orion offered both high thrust and high specific impulse — the holy grail of spacecraft propulsion.”

Bruce Schneider & Chuck Norris

I discovered (to my horror) that the maintainers of x264.nl (THE free encoder/decoder implementation of the H.264 Advanced Video Codec) removed the Chuck Norris theme. Thanks to the Wayback Machine, you can still experience it here:

Chuck Norris


(Update: turns out the theme is still there. They’ve simply taken the link to it off the front page.)
Since you can’t mention one without the other, here are some interesting facts about Bruce Schneier:


Bruce Schneier


On a more serious note, if you want to do any sort of video decoding/encoding on Windows using DirectShow, I highly recommend you download and install ffdshow (they also have a version hosted on x264.nl too). It will allow you to play any video or audio format!