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Pd (Pure Data) and friends

I recently downloaded and started playing with Pd (written by Miller S. Puckette, the same chap who started Max/MSP).

For reference, these are some good sites to learn about Pd and download loads of goodies to extend its functionality:

I am in the process of creating a Visual Studio 2005 VC project/solution to supersede the antiquated command-line based Makefile compilation process. I hope this will draw more people to extending Pd and creating new/contributing to existing externals in a friendlier development environment!

The Quantum Theory of Immortality

James Higgo’s summary paper “Does the ‘many-worlds’ interpretation of quantum mechanics imply immortality?” gives some very practical examples of the implication of this very mind-bending way of viewing our universe. Would you like to put your head in front of a machine gun barrel?