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GPS track of flight between Sydney and Melbourne using Navman

This is what you get when you blutac a GPS receiver to your window when going for a domestic flight. Altitude is colour coded.

Taking off from Sydney:

Here, speed is colour coded:

You can download the YMML-YSSY trip: YMML-YSSY

All cached sites

Tile coverage complete

All the important bits are now covered!

Site coverage so far

Shows areas of Australia that have been crawled for sites (tiles of different sizes are difference colours). Appears most population centres are covered, but much is still left to crawl.

Telstra’s commitment to the bush

This image shows all 2057 cached sites that are labelled “Telstra customer”:

Sites cached so far

The image shows the position of all Radio Frequency (RF) transmitter sites cached in the RFMap database so far. Click the image for a full-size view. Click here to visit RFMap.

First iteration live

The first iteration of the Australian Geographical RadioFrequency Map is live!

Tips for setting up Squid in Reverse Proxy (Web Accelerator ‘accel’) mode

I have multiple web servers behind one IP address and use port forwarding to each allowing external access. The main web server is externally accessible on port 80, but the others require manual port selection in a URL. This is annoying to say the least, and potentially problematic if a surfer is restricted only to [...]

CamStudio, Adobe Premiere, VirtualDub, Lossless CSCD and LZOCodec

As far as Windows-based decent free screen-recording software goes, CamStudio is it. When installing, make sure you also download and install the CamStudio Lossless Codec (CSCD)! There are a couple of problems that become apparent when actually using captured video in other video processing apps (e.g. Media Player Classic (MPC), Adobe Premiere and VirtualDub). The [...]

Using the Visual Studio 2005 IDE with the Visual Studio 2008 VC compiler & VC++ libraries

Having recently upgraded to Visual Studio 2008, my lackluster experience with developing and debugging native code in the ‘improved’ IDE has left me looking (and I am still) for hotfixes that might patch various painful problems. In particular, the IDE suffers major performance problems when debugging large C++ projects that (believe it or not) have [...]