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Monthly Archives: August 2009

iPhone Exchange Push Email (ActiveSync) only operates when connected via 3G, not WiFi, when mail server’s IP address is not externally-routable

I host my own mail server (Courier with Spamassassin) and check my mail via IMAP on my iPhone. Unfortunately Apple never implemented use of the IDLE command to enable Push with an IMAP account (there is a jailbroken app that will do this!), so the alternative (if one is desperate for Push) is to pipe [...]

Error when instrumenting files for profiling using Visual Studio Performance Tools

A while ago I started using the Performance Tools that came bundled with Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite to analyse my code. There are two analysis methods: sampling and instrumentation. Although instrumentation has a higher overhead, it can reveal in greater detail exactly what your program is doing. In order for instrumentation to proceed, one [...]