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T_Visionarium launch at UNSW for the 2008 Sydney Festival

TVisionarium (AKA T_Visionarium Mk II, affectionately TVis) was officially launched yesterday in The Scientia at the University of New South Wales. Bruce Beresford was invited to open it. Jill Bennett published a book about it: “T_Visionarium: A User’s Guide” (albeit not the technical one you might expect). I received a nice credit at the back of the publication (as well as in this academic one on AVIE). The project itself also has its own Wikipedia page. It will be open for public viewing as part of the 2008 Sydney Festival for three weeks. If you want to have your brains blown out by an extraordinary sensory experience, then definitely come along.

The TVisionarium Sydney Festival banner:

TVisionarium Banner
The crowd prior to the speeches:
The digital maestros:
The digital maestros
(Matt McGinity & I)

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  1. Mind blowing. Want one at home.

    1. GAGS57 on January 10th, 2008 at 12:14 am

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